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Hello, I'm Victoria  

Art has always been part of my world.  For me it is how I understand and process my life and communicate most successfully.


My work is about my observations on life; hopes, dreams, regrets and reflection.  With my drawings I am trying to encourage people (and to remind myself!) to live vivaciously, to love deeply and to be appreciative of the beauty in our world.  Honouring the simple moments of our complex fleeting lives.


I find drawing the quickest way to convey my ideas.  Saying the things I would love to, if only I found the spoken word as easy to communicate with.  Since graduating from my Fine Art Degree I have used various mediums, however, I always return to the same themes. It is the strength and beauty of the fragmented human spirit, and our relationships with each other and our world that I constantly want to explore.


I hope you can relate to and enjoy my pictures and in the very least I hope a few might give you a giggle!  Thanks for taking the time to look at my work and please do get in touch via the contact page.  I don't bite, well only on Mondays and this can be avoided by throwing Custard Creams my way before approaching!

Hello, I'm Victoria  

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